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K1 teaching aids

1. Identify graphs

Corresponding to the objects and silhouettes


How to use?

  • The teaching aids include a fish tank and a prairie with animal silhouettes

  • According to the shape of the silhouette, children find and paste the animal body on the picture card

2. The relationship between 1 and a few

Learn the concept of 1 and a few 


​How to use?

  1. Parents print out the prior three picture cards. Children can point out whether there are 1 or a few 

  2. The fourth picture card is blank. After printing out the picture on the last page, cut it out and use blu tack to paste the picture into the blank picture card to identify 1 or a few

3. The concept of capacity and quantity

What is the capacity?


Materials required:

Flat marbles/small plush ball

How to use?

1. Put the flat marbles/small plush balls into the bottle according to the instructions in the picture: full, half full, empty

2. After completion, ask the children to point out which bottle has the most, half full and empty.


*Parents can also use real objects to strengthen children's concept of capacity and quantity, such as pouring a full water bottle into three transparent water glasses to see whether it is full, half full, or empty.

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