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K2 teaching aids

1. The days in a week

Learn the number of days in a week and schedule

How to use?​

  • From the weekly calendar teaching aids, children count the number of days in a week and learn about various weather conditions.

  • Children can also record their daily activities, such as going to school, eating or doing housework.

  • After recording daily activities, children encourage to share what they did every day with their parents!


This teaching aid also has a physical version​!

Hurry and purchase our weekly calendar teaching aids so that your children can enjoy learning at home!

2. 3D animals

Learn the shape of cube


​How to use?

  1. Cut out the animal and use glue to attach the border to see what kind of cute animal it is! ​

  2. Young children can also colour the animals on the blank page, then cut out and paste the animals to make their favourite animals!

3.1-50 numbering games

Children know the order from 1 to 50


How to use?

  • There are ten worksheet 

  • Use a pencil to connect the lines from 1 to 50 to find the missing pictures!

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