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A set of four teaching aids includes:

1.  1 to 50 Fishing game

  • Teaching aids include fish with number 1 - 50, a piece of cardboard with a marine pattern, a fishing rod, 5 wooden counting sticks and 9 wooden individual counting pellets
  • Children first use a fishing rod to catch the numbered fish, and then use a counting stick and pellets to count the accurate number

2.  A hungry caterpillar 1 - 50

  • When caterpillar bites an apple, its body digits penetrate inside the apple
  • Use a whiteboard pen to write the disappearing numbers on the apple

3. The addens road to home

  • Lead the lost children back home!
  • They must find the path to home according to the door numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5

4. Measure length, weight and capacity
   - Children follow the black line and use clips to measure the length
   - Write on the table how many clamps are used to measure the length.
  - Children follow life experience and use a scale to measure weight
  - Compare different objects by observing and touching them to compare their weight and weight
  - Children follow life experience and understand the size of the capacity by observing the volumes of different utensils.

[Comes with set:  Number 1- 50 magnet grid cardboard]
Put the numbers from 1 to 50 into the grid in ascending and reciprocal order to learn number order 

Bring the fun of learning to your living room with our hands-on teaching tools! Buy them now and let your young ones turn playtime into learning time!

K2 Numbers, Shapes and Measurements Series (A set of four pieces) - With free gift

  • The entire set of teaching aids is handmade

    Materials used: paper, glue/film, magnet stickers, paper clips (fishing teaching aids)

    *Fishing teaching aids include 1 fishing rod, 5 wooden counting sticks and 9 wooden individual counting pellets

    *Weight teaching aids include a cute little scale

    *Free a whiteboard pen (1 pcs)

    Finished product: Printed and compiled on A4 size paper

  • Mail only


    Free shipping for over HKD 500 purchases (Hong Kong only)

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