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A set of four teaching aids includes:


1. Pencils 1 to 10

  • The teaching aid is in the shape of a pencil
  • The teaching material has two sides. One side teaches children the number of 1 to 10
  • On the other side, children identify the quantity of the number by using a wooden clip

2. Puzzle 1 to 10

  • The puzzle is divided into left and right sides. One side has numbers and the other side has a corresponding number of objects
  • Children assembly correct number and objects together 

3. Day and night

  • It is a rotatable three-dimensional chart card
  • Children can turn teaching aids and see the changes between day and night
  • Look for things they can see and do during the day and night, and put the small picture cards under the circle

4. Shapes

  • The teaching aids include picture cards of triangles, rhombuses, circles, ovals, squares and rectangles (6 pictures in total)
  • Children first use two fingers to gently touch the border of the figure to feel its shape
  • According to the shape, the child distinguishes the shape of the small picture card and pastes it on the large picture card


Bring the fun of learning to your living room with our hands-on teaching tools! Buy them now and let your young ones turn playtime into learning time! 

K1 Numbers, Time and Shapes Series (A set of four pieces)

  • The entire set of teaching aids is handmade

    Materials used: paper, glue, magnet stickers

    Finished product: Printed and compiled on A4 size paper  

  • Mail only


    Free shipping over HKD 500 of purchase (Hong Kong only)

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